Meet The Team

Meet Your X Elle Ride Leader Team

Your weekly X Elle rides are led by an amazing team of women riders who are true ambassadors in the sport of cycling within our community.

As women, our roles are plentiful; many of us are professionals, students, volunteers, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, activists, caregivers, business owners, directors of home operations...the list goes on. With our plates so full, we need to book time aside for personal fulfillment and development. We know that it's easier to take risks and push boundaries when we have the encouragement and support of others. The goal of this amazing team of women is to empower you to exceed even your own expectations as you challenge yourself within the sport of cycling!


'Racey' Stacey, X Elle Director

Affectionately known as 'Racey', Stacey is an ultra-marathoner, ultra-triathlete, extreme racer and endurance coach with Balance Point.

This is Stacey’s sixth year leading X Elle Cycling. Stacey is truly passionate about cycling and getting more women to experience the awesomeness of the sport! Stacey not only races bikes, she uses cycling as a way to see the world (hosting annual cycling tours in exciting destinations throughout Spain).

You can trust her to spot out good coffee and donkeys along our routes!


Lise, X Elle Ride Leader

Lise has been cycling 20+ years. She started cycling on/off in high school, commuted in University on her bike and did some longer endurance recreational riding.  Riding became more regular for her when she moved to the Okanagan 9 years ago.  She says "I handed my car keys to my husband and committed to active transportation."

The Okanagan lends itself to such beautiful rides and the riding community is so big that it was a natural transition to make riding a more integral part of her life.


Shanna, X Elle Ride Leader



Shayla, X Elle Ride Leader



Dorrie, X Elle Ride Leader

Dorrie was born into a bike shop. She's tried all types of riding minus BMX freestyle. She has even been on the Velodrome. She says "I’ve never been very serious, just happy to be out there!"

Most of her cycling events of late have been with triathlons and century rides. She enjoys the 80-100km distances but dislikes hills.

What she enjoys most about X Elle is watching the newbies become comfortable in their saddle and enjoy the sport of cycling. Dorrie tells us: "if my little bit of knowledge can help open the door to the wonderful world of cycling, then I’m doing alright!"


Heidi, X Elle Ride Leader

Heidi has been cycling for several years and will be joining X Elle as a Ride Leader for her 2nd season. Her favourite cycling disciplines are ½ Ironmans and scenic rides!

She says: "I love getting to ride with my kids!"

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Mellissa, X Elle Ride Leader

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Karen, X Elle Ride Leader






Ellen, X Elle Ride Leader

As long as Ellen can remember, she has cycled recreationally! In her mid-30s she watched my husband do tris – looked like fun so she bought a proper road bike and started riding. She has completed 4 Ironmans,  competed in Long distance World’s in 2010 (Ibiza, Spain), raced with X Elle Ride Leader Lisa in the Trans Alps in 2012, in addition to numerous endurance accomplishments!

Ana, X Elle Ride Leader




Jan, X Elle Ride Leader




Carmen, X Elle Ride Leader




Official X Elle S.A.G (Service And Gear) Crew


Ries, Riley & Boise

X Elle K9 Support


Coach Luke, Balance Point


Sean, Orthoquest

Ride together.        Laugh together.        Explore together.       X Elle together.