Gear Swap


Community Swim~Bike~Run Buy & Sell Event 

Hosted by X Elle Cycling


Sport, at any age and for any gender, can be expensive to get into at first! We wanted to help reduce this barrier in our community by hosting a Buy & Sell event so newbies can purchase gently used gear at great prices and those transitioning through the sport can sell their gear to help support larger purchases!

Our 2nd Annual event is being held Saturday, March 24th! The event is free and open to EVERYONE!

Each year the items for sale differ, but we have gear for all ages, genders, sports and include many highly desirable labels such as Lululemon!

To sell your gear, register your inventory by emailing


As a not for profit organization, X Elle is eager to contribute to the community! We often have opportunities for members to volunteer for events like this! We love those warm and fuzzy feelings of being good community members!