About Us


Our Approach

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that cycling is for everyone! Cycling can be an intimidating sport to jump into, especially for women.  It is our goal to provide a fun, educational, and safe environment for women of all abilities to thrive.

Our Story

Our 'Her'story

Our founder Ginny Sellars started this not-for-profit club as a means to bridge the gap for women wanting to learn how to ride bikes.  She took women all over the Okanagan and beyond and opened up a world of adventure to every woman she had contact with.  With help from X Elle Director Stacey Shand, the club has grown to be on of the biggest women's cycling clubs in the Okanagan.  We have aspirations to continue to grow as our collective love for cycling grows.  On top of the incredible road cycling group rides, we are excited to see a number of our X Elle cyclists going on to race locally and nationally.





Ride together.        Laugh together.        Explore together.    X Elle together.